N Y L Delivers

If You're in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan or Staten Island 

We Will Come to You! And it's at No Extra Charge to You!

That's Right! FREE DELIVERY! Upon Request

via "New York Lyric Online boutique" Social Media or Call (917) 635-6675 to Place Your Order and Set Up a schedruled Appointment! I Know, That's Different : ) 

It's hard shopping with children and Sometimes it's hard shopping online, due to weight loss or weight gain and the whole guessing game; that we all suck at sometimes and wind up having to return and often Never dO! Or How about finding an item online, that you need available the next day and have one or more of these issues mentioned on top of it! Lastly but not least, What about when you're just visiting a city and stumble upon something you want but by the time, it would arrive, you'd probably be back home!

I've literally expeirianced EVERY one of these situations and decided to become the first, to accomodate people on the go, in a rush, with child/children and or in between sizes.

If any of those senerios sound like you and your'e within the 5 boros of New York, We got you!

Warning: You may actually wind up paying less!

* No shipping & Handeling = a discount for you 

* NYL VIP discounts applied

* No Online Fees to N Y L = a discount for you


NOTE: Everything on NewYorkLyric.com is available via NYL Delivery and more. We will often bring more options along during deliveries as well.

 Note: We often post jewelry on our social media not always available for online purchase but upon request for NYL Delivers or via DM or by phone 917 635 6675

we can accomodate.

If you don't qualify for NYL Delivers services simply sign up with our email: nylvip@newyorklyric.com and recieve FREE SHIPPING and or Special OFFERS!


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