N Y L is currently in developement of some great skin care products, Which will be available to you soon, for your daily routine. The name of our collection " MCMLXXX" is based on the core value of the line, To bring you back into time! Highlighting a youthful glow to your natural appearance. New York is home to more natural beauties than not, That fact, inspired me to create this neccesary line.

Many New Yorkers perfer little to no makeup and while I enjoy a great color enhanced look, just as often as I love a fresh face, Either look starts with skin care, not only for the face but especially the body! who likes ashy skin? Or having to re-apply lotion all day long. MCMLXXX will solve that dilema and end it with added shine at that. Our natural ingredients are what the body needs. Several have natural products in stores and other outlets already for you to choose from but our goal is to introduce a line that is not only for us and by us, It is based in the U S and more importantly great products that are affordable to everyone.

After three kids and surviving the many life struggles I have, I've thankfully been able to still appear youthful and many on a day to day ask me about my facial glow! So I've decided to share my personal regimines, body butters and creams for families to enjoy, years to come.  


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